Friday, November 14, 2008

Randomness and Halloween

So a lot has happened lately, and I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but here it is! On Sunday my roommates and I went down to Rita's house to have dinner, which was yummy, and we had a dance party to ABBA's greatest hits, because seriously, what's better than that on a Sunday night in a girls' apartment?? School has been going pretty well, but it's getting to the point in the semester where life starts to suck, what with all the papers and tests and junk. Urg.

Ellen and Rita!

Ellen and Crystal. They stole my camera and made many faces. This is just one of them.

We partied to ABBA's greatest hits; the three girls on the left live above us, and we had a lot of fun! Ellen's hair is just awesome. I can't believe I caught it at that moment!

This is me with two friends from the Telefund: Dani on the left, and Holly on the right. We went to Saturday's BYU vs. SDSU game, and had a lot of fun! BYU: 42 SDSU: 12. Co cougars!

This was before the game, when the marching band was doing their marching band thing. They made a Y on the field, and I thought it was awesome.

Holly and I at the Telefund before we went to the game. We were wearing the same tee shirt, so we thought we had to take a picture!

Ellen and I went to Target this week, and I'm crazy with the camera, so I was taking pictures. Oh well.

This is me at my other job, the group home, except you don't see anything. The other girl making the weird face is Whitney, who also works with me at the Telefund.
Halloween parties are awesome, and the Telefund's is so much fun. We all dressed up, and had a blast. Here's Holly and me. When she came into work, I didn't even recognize her!

This pirate is one of the cool costumes I saw on campus on Halloween. My favorites were: Darth Maul, a tavern wench, Braveheart (complete with facepaint and weaponry), Thing One and Thing Two (from Dr. Seuss), and a Deer. Don't ask.
This is Dani, our resident ghost-nun. She wanted to be a ghost, but we couldn't wear "masks" so she had to cut a hole for her entire face, so she ended up looking like a nun!

Holly again, being her bad goth self.

Me and Jaclyn; I don't know what she was quite going for... a mobster? I was just trying to milk my Irish heritage for all it's worth.

I think this was my favorite costume at work. Hannah's dressed up as bon qui qui, and if you don't get the reference, here's the video from Youtube. It's awesome.