Monday, December 1, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in a while; life has been crazy with various multipage papers and mom coming and the just never seems to slow down any. So this is a super long post. Everyone should be happy, with lots of pictures. I'm just hoping I can endure through the end of finals.

This is what BYU does to all the statues around campus during rivalry week, when we play the University of Utah. I don't know if it actually prevents any vandalism, but it looks cool.

We all went to the California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate Ellen's birthday. It was a lot of fun! Here's mom and Rita.
My roomies, starting from the left: Crystal, Ellen the birthday girl, Njeri (who is not a roommate but Ellen's friend), and Kristin.
Ellen and I were being you can see quite plainly.
All of the roommates.

I finally got a picture of me and mom.
All of us at the restaurant.
Sorry Ellen, I told Crystal to make a funny face.
Crystal and Ellen battled over Ellen's birthday dessert. There was some whipped cream spread, some faces dunked, some laughter, and some exasperation.

Me and Rita
Mom with her grandbaby Evan.
Colin's boys attacked him.
This is Colin's face during the BYU Utah game when we were losing. Evidently since we lost the church isn't true this year.

We all had Thanksgiving at Rita's house, which was awesome. This is the Dean side of the table.

Colin assented long enough to make a nice face for a picture. I love this photo.

Nana and baby Evan.

So this is my life lately; I quit the group home and so now have more free time to do things like study, papers, and other school work.