Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Weeks In

We've been in school for three weeks and I love it. I'm super insanely busy, but in a good, feel-productive, love-my-job kind of way. I spend an insane amount of time in my office at school getting stuff ready. I don't know how other teachers don't have to do the same, because I know my prep periods alone aren't enough time for me to get everything I need accomplished. My TA, bless her, is a wonder, and really helps me so much. I've gotten to know all my students' names now, and they are really fun. I feel like so much more of a teacher than I did last year. We're going to be starting a unit on World Cultures sometime next week, and I've been getting all my materials for that sorted and prepped. Parent orientation is on Sunday, and I think a lot of my students' parents will show up. They just strike me as an involved bunch. I've already had notes from several of them, and I think it will be good.
Last weekend was district conference, and it being in Shenzhen, I did not attend. So I had the laziest, most do-absolutely-nothing weekend imaginable. I went out of my apartment building two times in two days. It was awesome. I really needed the relaxation time. I watched movies, I drew, I read books, I crocheted, and just hung out. Fabulous. And then on Monday it was back to reality. Urg. Next week we have a three day holiday, but for which we must work three weekend days to make up. I don't understand this system, but it seems to be pretty standard across the Chinese school system. Why bother even having a holiday?
This week has been nice, too, though. I went with Andrew, Kimi, and Kathryn to get foot massages on Monday, and got a mani/pedi today with Kimi. Life after payday is niiiiice. :)