Friday, April 10, 2009

Student Teaching

Tuesday April 14 is the last day of my student teaching, and I am extremely sad about this. I am going to miss my students so much; I think this is what missionaries feel like about coming home. I'm definitely going to have to visit. This past week I've been taking pictures of my classes so I could remember everyone. Here they are:
First of all, these are pictures of my classroom that I took one day after school:
This is the view when you walk in the door.
Standing in the same spot, with the camera shifted to the left. I'm still by the door.
In this one I'm standing in the other corner, under the TV that you can see in the picture above. The teacher's desk is where all the students are crowded.
Same corner, with the camera shifted to the right a little bit. You can see the door in the other corner.
This is the third corner. I'm still under the tv, and looking to the far right. Sophie is writing me a message on the board:

My cooperating teacher's last name is Schlendorf, hence the "Schlendy."

This is my first period class, which is a French Intro class. I told them we would do one nice picture and then they could do one silly one.

This is my period two class, which is also a French Intro class. I have about five girls in this class who are just brilliant beyond belief. Whenever we do a game and they choose groups they all end up together and sweep the competition. I've had to separate them so it's more evenly distributed : ). I call them my powerhouse ladies.

This girl in the green sweatshirt is probably the sweetest, cutest girl I have ever met. She's kind of shy, but I can tell she wants to talk to me all the time, and I love it. I basically just want to give her hugs all day long. I absolutely love her to death.

Third and fourth period I don't teach; third is my prep and fourth Kathy (my cooperating teacher) teaches a reading class. My fifth period is a seventh grade English class. We've been doing grammar in preparation for state tests, so they were only too glad to take a break and have a picture taken.

They had some trouble with the whole "Silly picture" concept. They're much sillier in person and when not under pressure to take a picture : )

This is my sixth period, which is my more advanced French class. They are hilarious. They all know each other from last year and they've been with each other this whole year, so they have a really good group dynamic (which sometimes gets them in trouble).

The girl in the green and gray shirt is Miranda, and she's one of my most brilliant students. She always knows the answer and she's such a sweetie!!
The blond boy in the sweatshirt is my other genius of the class; I swear he has a photographic memory because he always remembers EVERYTHING!!
Sarah had a little too much fun with the scarves I brought in to serve as blindfolds for an activity involving giving directions.

This is my last class, period seven. It is also a seventh grade English class, and these kids either all have ADD/ADHD, or they're excited for the end of the day. Either way, I love them. It's been the running joke of the semester to see who gets to go fill up my water bottle, cause by that time of day it's always empty. I have kids who fight over who gets to do it. One day I let Nate go do it after he'd been asking, and he did a victory dance around the classroom!! I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe.

Chelsea, on the right, is one of the ones who always fights to go fill up my water bottle. She considers it her "job."
Nate, of the water bottle victory dance is on the right.

On the Telefund front, all is still weird, as you might have guessed!

There!! Now I don't feel so guilty for hardly posting all semester!! Whew, that was a long one. I'm going to miss this semester so much. Stay tuned for a future post about Erin and my trip to New York City. It'll be fabulous.