Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi there! The big news of the month is I no longer have a broken ankle!! My cast is off and everything! (Longest 6 weeks of my life). I'm doing well here; I've made a new friend at church and we click really well. So Stephanie (which is her name) and I decided to go traveling during winter holidays together. We're going to go to Thailand and Cambodia. I'm pretty stoked about it. Teaching is going well; I've started to teach my students some slang (what's up, whatever, cool, etc...) and most of them really get into it. When I was teaching them "Whatever" (in the sense that you use it to say you don't believe someone) I would tell outrageous lies and they would respond. Some of my third graders still do it to me, giving me outrageous lies to which I respond "whatever." It's a lot of fun. I've been exploring more; I got a bike and I'm learning cycling proficiency again. It's been a while. I went to Hong Kong a couple times and played; got some new clothes, went to Disneyland and such. I found an English bookstore (thanks dad!) and so I splurged and got some books. Thank goodness. Here's pictures!

The third grade had an "English Star Arena" where they played games and sang English songs. I was asked to 'host' it.
This is Ella. She was my co-host. She's probably one of my best students. Such a sweetie.
Thanksgiving dinner at the Aufderheide family residence. They kindly offered Stephanie and me a place to go.

Not quite sure what this was, but the girls were all frantically tying their hair...

Stephanie and I went to Hong Kong for a weekend of revelry and shopping.

This is us on the metro. It took us a while to get there. The guy on the right is Joey Christensen; his family are old friends of my parents, and they let us stay with them.Disneyland!!! It was a lot of fun.

Some kind of yumminess...

The Star Island Ferry to Kowloon