Friday, January 30, 2009

Student Teaching

Well, student teaching is under way. Completely, thoroughly, exhaustingly so. I have five classes filled with twelve to thirteen year olds, and I love it. Many people react with appalled horror when I say that I'm teaching at a middle school, but I love it. The students at that age are not as cynical about life or school as high school students are. In high school, it can be "teach me. I dare you." if you don't have the right chemistry. In middle school, I am more the grown up, and the students are still young enough to enjoy school (most of them). I have been doing pretty well I think, and an added bonus is that my mentor teacher and I get along really well. We have very similar temperaments and senses of humor, so life is entertaining. I've taken over all the French classes, and will take over the English classes next week. I'm still trying to learn everyone's name; I keep telling my kids that I need to go to special ed for name remembering. It's quite awful. I am really enjoying my time, and I'm grateful that I was not as nervous as I had anticipated. The classroom management part has been easier than I was thinking it would be, and I fully acknowledge that this is because of my time working at the group home. Working with those kids helped me a lot with my "authority voice" and it's made life as a teacher much easier.
In spite of my enjoyment of my student teaching, I am tired all the time. I am still working at the BYU Telefund, so I go to school in the morning, have an hour after school to get a jump on lesson planning, and then I go to work for four hours. By Friday I'm wiped. For example, today I could really use a shot of adrenaline. My mentor teacher is in Seattle for her son's wedding, and so it was just me, Ms. Dean, with the kids all day and no prep period. This means no break from children or teaching. Even lunch was not responsibility free, as I had to get ready for the next period. Even though I'm tired all the time, I'm so excited it's kind of ridiculous, and everyday I go to work and just tell everyone what my kids did that day. This may be my last post for a while, as I will have no life for the next three months.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lots of stuff...

So over Christmas break I had no wireless internet and couldn't update my blog cause it takes forever, so here's lots of pictures from Christmas. I'm an auntie again, and Christmas break was a lot of fun. I don't know how much I'll be able to update my blog this semester, as I'm an idiot and decided to work at the Telefund while student teaching. The first week was good, and I'm starting to learn the kids' names, which is always a plus! I'm really looking forward to it.
Brooke and Stuart with their new baby boy Ocean.
Mom and the baby

He's a cutie. Go Brooke and Stu!

My brother Stu and his wife Brooke

This is the view of the Washington D.C. temple from the Capital Beltway. You round a curve, and there it is, almost floating in the trees. It's a cool sight.
Me and baby Ocean
We webcammed with Colin and Jen so they could join us in opening presents on Christmas morning

Baby Ocean in his Santa hat. It was awesome.

I was excited to get this, since I've wanted it for a while.

Me and Erin. Finally a semi-normal picture!
Mom and Dad. This is at the airport when they came to send me off back to Utah.
We always knew that Erin loved me best...
This is Justin. I work with him. He has some issues.... (not really, I'm being mean. We made pipe cleaner crowns, and the girl he was sitting next to put hers on his head and I happened to catch it)
We're really official at work. Can't you tell?
I prove my point.
And again....

I found these fairy wings in the toy box, and I had to wear them, because they went with the crowns. I'm the Telefund Fairy.
This is our somewhat annual Leadership lunch at Tucano's. It was a lot of fun, and very noisy!

This is all the supervisors at work. We're really just a bunch of crazies.