Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vacation from a Vacation

Man, I'm tired. We've been going around Thailand and Cambodia for two weeks now, and living out of a suitcase is wearing thin on my patience and good humor. I love Thailand, and I love Cambodia, but after a while I feel like I'm ready to go home, be in my apartment, sleep in my bed, cook normal food, and see people I actually know and like. We leave tomorrow, and in my opinion our flight could not be early enough. Unfortunately, it's at 7 p.m. which means I have a whole freakin' day to kill in Bangkok with my brain just going "I want to be home, I want to go home..."

I really enjoyed Hua Hin this week and just having the chance to relax at the beach, bury my toes in the sand, and read a good book with the sea breeze in my face and the smell of the ocean. However, I am now firmly resolved that any and all future trips to any and all future beaches must include a hotel that has a POOL. I love being at the beach, I love walking on the beach, but I don't like swimming in the ocean. There are... things... in the ocean. Things that I can't see and don't care to dwell on. I much prefer the chlorinated sanitation of a swimming pool.

I am so tired. I want to sleep and then wake up and go to the airport and then fly home and sleep in my own bed (sans hornets, please!).

Goodnight and farewell, my peeps.