Tuesday, November 3, 2009

China Post

Hi everyone!
I realize it's been a while and I haven't yet posted about China, so here it is. I don't have very many pictures of me going places because of my broken ankle, but hopefully that will change soon. I am working at a school in a suburb city of Guangzhou, and the bus ride into the city is only 40-ish minutes so it's not too bad. I'm really enjoying all the good food and cheap living. Last week I went and got an hour massage for six US dollars. It was nice. At my school I teach graes 3, 4, and 5 Oral English; basically what that means is I help them develop their speaking and conversational English. It's kind of hard because the kids don't get grades or marks for my class, and so they're not invested in it and they don't focus. Some classes are getting better though, thank goodness. There are two LDS couples down here at the same school I work, which is kind of unheard of! It's really nice, and they've been great helping me get around and situated. They've shown me all the good places to eat down here, and where different things are. I am going to Hong Kong this weekend to sort out my visa, since I broke my ankle the day before my last planned trip. Hopefully everything will go smoothly! Stuart and Brooke live right in the city, and it's nice to be able to go and visit and see them so much; they've been great helping me get started and find a job. Well, here are some pictures of my school and my apartment!

This is the front of my school. If I turn right like 45 degrees, there is my bus stop and the street down to my apartment.
The inside of the school entrance. My section is on the right hand side here.
This is the building I teach in. I have the top two floors.

The whole elementary school gathers everyday for morning exercises.

This is my apartment. It's kind of messy in these pictures, but whatever. This is what you see when you are standing in the doorway.

My bedroom.
A very teeny kitchen

That's all for now; it takes forever to upload and post!