Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Update

So... Life has been insanely busy, but oh so good. I am loving student teaching more than perhaps is healthy. I really love being at a Middle School; the kids are so fun and energetic. It's great! Some highlights from my teaching experiences so far:
1. I have a really outgoing student who became very withdrawn suddenly, and being concerned, I spoke to her about it. I asked how she was doing, if she needed anything, etc. The next week at Parent Teacher Conferences her mom came in and talked with me about some difficulties she's been having with different circumstances. Her mom told me that I was the only teacher of hers that noticed, and that it meant so much to her. That was like "AHH" (with joyous, triumphal background music). I felt like such a power teacher!
2. My seventh period class. In general. They are so hilarious; I don't know whether they all have ADD or whether it's just because it's the end of the day, but they are so hyper and so funny. My water bottle is always empty by the time seventh period rolls around, and my kids all argue over who gets to go fill it when needed. They are just something else. They have such a great group dynamic and they are just so fun I can't stand it.
3. I have one student who is probably the sweetest child I have ever met in my existence. She's so sweet, kind, courteous and just great in general. She's such an artist and such a great girl; I kind of wish that I could have her in all of my classes for the rest of my teaching career.
4. I love my kids!!

That's it for now!!