Monday, January 31, 2011

Thailand and Cambodia

So, I'm in Thailand. Again. But it's good because Thailand and Cambodia are awesome. It was a little weird/boring to repeat the Bangkok portion, but the Cambodia and beach part are still awesome.
Cambodia is/was amazing, and I'm glad that this time around I got to spend another day there and explore other temples I didn't get to see last year. I have determined though, that I will not travel with a guy any more. Unless it's with another girl, too. It's so much more expensive when you don't have a person to split a room with! In any case, Alex and I are at Hua Hin now, and I am enjoying the "compulsory relaxation" (as Alex calls it). The sea has been kind of rough these past two days, so no swimming, but I've enjoyed sitting by it, enjoying the sea air, the breeze, and freshly squeezed orange juice.
This is in Ayutthaya, which used to be the capital of Thailand before Bangkok. It has some cool ruins, and Alex was very insistent that we ride elephants. It was very wobbly.
These kinds of buses are everywhere!

The Grand Palace in Bangkok
We saw a million Bhuddist monks in Cambodia.

This is in Ta Prohm, my favorite temple in the whole Angkor complex. They've let the jungle kind of stay how it was (Somewhat) when they found it. It's pretty awesome.

Not sure I know what this was. But this was a grody, stagnant pool of water around some center thingy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"Catching Up" Post

This is Yangshuo. I went during the Chinese National Day Holiday in October. It's freakin' awesome. These mountains just jut out of the landscape for miles around, and the land around it is pretty flat.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I finally splurged and got a VPN, so this hopefully means I will be blogging more.
Much has happened in the last three months. I went to Yangshuo for Chinese National Day Holiday, had "Thanksgiving" at my Chinese friend's house, and Christmas at Stuart and Brooke's. I also moved apartments, because of many complicated things I don't know or particularly care about. I just know I had to move. I'm giving exams and getting report cards ready this week, so it's been kind of hectic, but I have a whole week off next week before I go to Thailand, so I will try to catch up then!